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What our Customers are Saying

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Jessica Pace

Director of Operations /
Inventory Management/

"I am extremely pleased with our decision to use AcuSync for our WooCommerce integration.  Everything just works.  Our orders sync flawlessly and I really don’t worry about our integration anymore.  The team is a pleasure to work with.  I’m looking forward to doing even more with this integration platform in the future.  I’m very excited about the new Bank Feeds integration - it was something that was dearly missed when switching from Quickbooks to Acumatica.  Now I can stop doing people’s expense reports for them!"

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Laura Collins

Chief Financial Officer

"AcuSync is helping us integrate Acumatica with a highly customized Salesforce instance for laboratory testing and inventory management.  The EIS team has been a pleasure to work with, and the AcuSync integration works wonderfully.  We are very pleased with the results and look forward to building new integrations with Acumatica using AcuSync."

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Christine Fleer

Director of Marketing

"After working with another Magento integration provider for Acumatica for a couple of years, we were shocked at how easy the AcuSync connector was put into place. Magento is no easy bear to tackle and the great team at EIS made it almost look easy! We love working with EIS. They are inquisitive and not too quick to give easy answers. They are problem solvers and AcuSync is proof of that!! We are so grateful.”


Moneta Rios

Delivery Director, Enterprise Applications

"Working with everyone at EIS is like working in the best team environment ever. To truly work with a team of folks who are harnessing all of their energy toward the same common goal, love to collaborate, have no ego’s about who owns an idea…well it is empowering. The amount of energy harnessed toward accomplishing a task, project, or solving a problem is fantastic, and it allows EIS to provide the best work environment and service around. A bright group of folks."

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