Marketo Marketing Automation Integration

Configurable & Customizable Integration

Connect Acumatica to your Marketo Marketing Automation system.  Sync leads, prospects, customers, companies, accounts, contacts, and opportunities between Acumatica and Marketo.  Marketo Custom Objects also supported for advanced configurations.

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  • Leads

    Selectively choose which Marketo Leads sync to Acumatica (e.g. qualified leads) using Marketo automation workflows, lists, and identifying field criteria.  

  • Prospects

    Sync Marketo Leads and Business Accounts as prospects are created and leads are converted in Acumatica.

  • Customers & Companies

    Continue to engage with Customers through Marketing Automation, syncing Customer Information to Marketo companies and linking them to Marketo Leads and Acumatica Contacts.

  • Contacts

    Sync closed won customers and their contacts to linked Marketo companies and Marketo Leads.  Leads automatically start syncing with Contacts as they evolve through the sales process.

  • Opportunities

    Sync opportunity information to Marketo and take advantage of additional Marketo workflows and automations and opportunity analyzers to help close new business.

  • Custom Objects

    Additional data from Acumatica, such as order and item data or other custom records, can be synced to Marketo Custom Objects so they can also be used in Marketo workflows.

An AcuSync Solution

Our Marketo integration with Acumatica is pre-configured to get you up and running quickly and easily.  Start with the AcuSync Platform and the Marketo Integration package and easily configure and customize to your needs.

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