Magento ECommerce Integration

Configurable & Customizable Integration

Connect Acumatica to your Magento ECommerce Storefront.  Sync items, inventory, pricing, orders, and shipments between Acumatica and Magento.

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  • Items

    Selectively sync stock and non-stock items you want to sell on your Magento store from Acumatica to Magento.

  • Inventory

    Keep inventory counts accurate and up-to-date by syncing available inventory counts to Magento.

  • Pricing

    Sync default pricing and/or Acumatica sales prices for various price types including Acumatica Customer Price Classes to Magento Advanced Pricing, taking advantage of Magento special pricing, customer group pricing, and quantity price breaks.

  • Sales Orders

    Sync orders as they are created in Magento to Acumatica and create Acumatica Sales Orders.  Automatically create cash sales for credit card purchases and invoices for customers purchasing on terms.

  • Shipments

    Sync shipment information, including items, quantity, and tracking information from Acumatica to Magento when orders are shipped.

An AcuSync Solution

Our Magento integration with Acumatica is pre-configured to get you up and running quickly and easily.  Start with the AcuSync Platform and the Magento Integration package and easily configure and customize to your needs.

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