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AcuSync extends and improves upon Acumatica’s native functionality to integrate external systems with Acumatica.  With advanced mapping, translation, error management, and detailed logging,


AcuSync allows you to integrate Acumatica with many different systems and customize your integrations to your business requirements, desired workflows, and outcomes.

Bank Feeds

AcuSync’s Bank Feeds & Expense Receipts Solution utilizes Plaid to connect Acumatica to over 11,000 financial institutions.  AcuSync connects in real-time, automatically importing transactions.  


Expense receipts can be configured to allow automatic generation of corporate credit card transactions that are easily claimed by employees. 


AcuSync’s Magento integration connects in real-time, automatically importing eCommerce transactions into Acumatica.


Simplify eCommerce transactions of product, customer, and pricing data. 


AcuSync’s Mareketo Integration connects in real-time, automatically importing marketing transactions into Acumatica.


Ensure your leads and leads activities are accurate, stay on top of your marketing campaigns and calendars while maximizing their effectiveness.

Leverage Customer Data –  Connect Marketo solution to sync all customer data including customer records, campaign involvement, sales, addresses across Acumatica and back to Marketo.

Data Entry – Record data in one system scientifically reducing overhead, manual data entry time, errors, data conflicts.

Customizable Mapping – Additional data from Acumatica, such as order and item data or other custom records, can be synced to Marketo Custom Objects so they can also be used in Marketo workflows.


AcuSync’s BigCommerce Integration connects in real-time, automatically importing eCommerce transactions into Acumatica. 

Leverage Master Data –  Connect BigCommerce solution to sync data including inventory, customer records, item records, and pricing between Acumatica and BigCommerce. 

Data Entry –  Record data in one system reducing overhead, manual data entry time, errors, and data conflicts.

Simplified Order Management – Fully integrated customer data and customer portals allow for customer-initiated orders into your BigCommerce system our connectors synchronize inventory, accounting, CRM information.

Partner Portal

Acusync Partner portal integration

AcuSync’s Partner Portal Integration  with Acumatica will eliminate the manual steps needed to import data about prospective customers and streamline your quoting process.


AcuSync connects in real-time, automatically importing data from the Acumatica Partner Portal into your Acumatica instance, saving countless hours of work. 

Eliminate Double-Entry – Reduce pre-sales quoting effort for the VAR by syncing data to your Acumatica instance instead of manually retyping.

Real-Time Sync – Pricing changes, promotions, and discounts are managed and synced in real-time.

Secure Opportunities – Secure opportunities earlier and use the Acumatica Price Estimates through the Partner Portal.

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