Bank Feeds & Expense Receipts

11,000+ Financial Institutions

Connect Acumatica to your Financial Institutions. Simplify bank and credit card transaction matching and reconciliation. Automatically create expense receipts.  Eliminate bank file imports. Close periods faster.

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Curious if Your Financial Institution is Supported?

Plaid supports over 11,000 Financial Institutions.  If you want to confirm your financial institution is available, click the button below to launch the Plaid Link Demo and search for your bank.

(P.S. You won't be able to actually login to your bank in the demo, but you can search for your financial institution by name or website address to see if its supported).

  • Bank & Credit Card Feeds

    Connect your financial institution accounts to Acumatica and automatically import transactions in real-time. Eliminate the need to manually download and import QBO, OFX, or CSV files. Supports secure connections and multi-factor authentication through Plaid.

  • Linked Accounts

    Selectively choose accounts from each financial institution and map them to the corresponding cash accountsin Acumatica.

  • Real-Time Statements

    Automatically build and append bank statements in real-time as transactions are imported. Selectively choose the statement start day so imported statements match the official statements from your financial institution.

  • Corporate Credit Cards

    Link corporate credit cards to the corresponding Corporate Credit Card accounts in Acumatica. Supports cards that have both individual and consolidated statements.

  • Pending Transactions

    Optionally choose to create expense receipts for pending transactions, eliminating the need to wait for a transaction to post before attaching a receipt.Pending transactions automatically convert to posted transactions and information is updated when the transaction posts.

  • Auto-Generated Expense Receipts

    Link credit card categories to Expense Items and GL accounts using customizable matching rules. Expense receipts are automatically created for corporate card purchases and assigned to the correct employee. Simplify expense management by automatically entering data for employees, producing more accurate and timely expense reports. Employees can easily attach photos of receipts to automatically generated expense receipts using the Acumatica mobile app or web interface.

  • Simplified Bank Transaction Matching

    Expense receipts automatically match to imported bank transactions for corporate credit card transactions and are assigned to the correct GL account.

  • Customizable & Automated

    Customize your bank feed imports by editing pre-configured import scenarios if needed.

    Control how and when transactions are imported.

  • Plaid Subscription Included

    No additional subscription necessary.  The Plaid subscription is included with your AcuSync Bank Feeds package.


Our bank feeds integration with Plaid is now offered by Acumatica as Electronic Banking and Advanced Expense Management.

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